One day, I'm like "Enchantress home", wondered:

"And what is beauty, and how to stay young?".

For a long time I was looking for, it is the case of life he did not give an answer. Once, after a prestigious and yet fun disco "Rendezvous" (, which is in the club "Felix" over the years regularly Igor Kotyan, I with my two compatriots (from Kiev) went to Hotel "Adlon" breakfast. And we did not have time to stay as young men (one was 19 years and the second for 30) started briskly and with admiration to discuss a beautiful 18-year-old girl, who is very well-danced at a disco in "Felix". I did not interrupt them and thought about what is the secret delight, really young, but what's next? Suddenly, two boys fell silent and turned their heads at the same time ... Their eyes were turned to a nearby table where a woman came and sat 60 years in a strict beige suit, but not official. Her hair and makeup were perfect. I dare say it was about 7:30 in the morning, and wafted from her impeccable tidiness. And after a brief pause, the guys almost in unison said, "Well, it is not discussed, kneel!"

Here is the answer to the tantalizing question of an infinite number of people on how to stay young and that is beauty. Exceptional grooming! And so the team "Sorceress" always at your service.

When a person like him in the mirror, like the way he dressed, dressed with taste, when his perfect hair, hands in the manner it as if said: "I have the energy, strength, contentment, to lead all of my life" . With this and start success in business, business, personal relationships. Those who do not know, try, because if a person does not go with confidence to meet life, it is in front of him and does not open. Yes, when a person is satisfied with their appearance, it radiates energy and attracts success, thus, the success to themselves.

A burning desire to achieve their is a launching pad for takeoff your dream, because a dream is born of indifference, laziness and lack of ambition.

I know that my support is always with you!

I love you!

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